Hundreds of thousands of FCA models equipped with the Uconnect infotainment system could be susceptible to a vulnerability which can enable hackers to take control of key functions such as the brakes.

In order to prove this, Wired's Andy Greenberg volunteered to become a "digital crash-test dummy" as two hackers took control of the Jeep Cherokee he was driving outside of St. Louis.  

As Greenberg explains, the hackers - Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek - started off relatively playful as they maxed the air conditioning and blasted the radio at full volume.  However, things turned scary as the duo was able to mess with the transmission and bring the crossover to a halt.  While that sounds bad enough, Greenberg says the worst part was when the pair deactivated the brakes which caused him to crash into a ditch.

FCA recently released a software patch for the issue but the hackers have already announced plans to publish part of the exploit during the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas next month.

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