We at Motor1.com have become amused by Woodworking Art creations for the past few years. One of the first creations we covered from the channel was a semi-operational carved Toyota Land Cruiser. We followed the artist since then and saw how the car-themed sculptures evolved.

The channel's latest creation is the recently updated Nissan Navara. More specifically, it chose the sportier-looking Pro-4X version for the sculpture. The result is a wooden model that might be the artist's most realistic auto carving to date. Like the past videos, seeing the process and the attention to detail makes the channel entertaining to watch.

Woodworking Art starts with two slabs of wood and cuts them in the outline of the pick-up. The builder then punches out a hole to form the openings for the doors. Additional planks make up the rest of the body and the “panels”. Armed with a chisel, the sculptor carves out the intricate design details to make the pieces of timber look like Navara parts.

This wooden version rides on a frame with a semi-independent front suspension and a live axle at the rear. It even has coil springs for added realism. Not content with that, Woodworking Art made a dashboard and steering wheel for the build. Even the seats have the pattern seen in the real Navara. The whole thing is capped off by painting the front and rear lights and attaching the step board.

Comparing the first Land Cruiser carving to this Navara is a night and day difference. It's also great seeing the artist evolve over the last two years. We're expecting more from this channel, and there's a good chance we'll see even more realistic pieces in the future.

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