This Lamborghini Countach sat in a garage for 20 years, and a whole lot of rodents used the iconic Italian supercar as a toilet during those decades. Cleaning the vehicle requires disinfecting it nearly as much as washing things back to a beautiful shine.

The previous owner purchased this 1985 Countach in 1988. He had some good times with it, but the supercar eventually went into storage. He intended to restore the vehicle and bought a treasure trove of official Lamborghini spare parts. However, this never happened.

The company Curated in Miami, Florida, is going to restore the Countach. However, the supercar's first stop is Ammo NYC for a much-needed deep clean.

Things start simple with power washing the body and covering the exterior in foam. The video notes something interesting about the paint. The thickness is not consistent from panel to panel. This isn't surprising because for small run supercars from the past a human, rather than a machine, is the thing responsible for applying the original paint.

With the exterior looking good, it's time to get gross because the next step is getting the rodent feces and nuts out of the engine bay and rear storage area. One tool that makes this possible is a brush that connects to a soap container.

Cleaning the interior is a challenge because the strut that supports the driver's door no longer works. The solution is to use a camera tripod to hold it up.

If you thought the rear was bad, you haven't seen anything yet. The carpets and dashboard are covered in mouse poop, which isn't a big surprise at this point. In spots, you can even see the rodent footprints on the leather.

The glovebox was apparently the primary residence for the mice because the largest nest was in there. The rodents were getting in through a hole in the upper corner.

At the end, the Countach looks fantastic, especially in comparison to the starting point. Now, it's going to Florida for a mechanical restoration. Then, it can finally return to the road for the first time in decades.

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