Getting tired of the new Bronco because of multiple price increases and long waiting times? Or maybe you just love the classic Bronco from the '60s? Autotype Design and Icon 4x4 collaborate to bring us the most nostalgia-filled furniture you'll ever buy for your living room.

Meet, the Icon Bronco Chair. It's now available for you to purchase to bring back the good ol' days of the Bucking Horse.

The Icon Bronco Chair is commissioned by Autotype Design, designed by Icon 4x4 founder Jonathan Ward, and custom-built by California-based furniture makers One For Victory to benefit ArtCenter College of Design.

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If Icon 4x4 sounds familiar to you, it's the same company that restored and modified a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ44 back to its original glory.

The Icon Bronco Chair is inspired by the original Bronco back bench seat used from 1966 through 1977. It's completely handmade and built in small batches. According to Autotype, the posture of the chair, the linear stitch pattern, and the steel tube frame are all true to the original Bronco. The One For Victory team ensured that the chair is comfortable, modern, and suitable inside a home.

"Style without comfort is not something I'm interested in creating," said John Grootegoed, One For Victory.

"I'm drawn to things that are timeless and well-made. The Icon Bronco Chair plays on a few important details from a seminal American vehicle to create something beautiful and comfortable. It can be appreciated and admired whether you know the reference to the original Bronco or not," said Jonathan Ward, Icon 4x4.

The Icon Bronco Chair is now available to purchase via the source link below for $1,700. It's available in five colors, namely Anthracite, Verde, Carmel, Navy, and Brown.

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