Legos are integral to automotive culture, giving kids young and old the ability to build whatever they want. Some create their own vehicles while others recreate real-world makes and models, which has extended to building life-size recreations, too. These take months, if not years, to complete, but all that work can disappear in seconds, which is what one group of Lego builders recently experienced.

The Sheffield Lego User Group built the life-size Lego Jeep, which mimics a WWII-era Willys Jeep, and it took the group over two years to complete. However, all that work didn’t last long as two builders attempted to climb inside for photos. The first person was successful, carefully slipping in and out of the driver’s seat without issue. It’s the second person that ran into trouble.

He delicately climbs in, concerned the build won’t take his weight, but he does get in. However, he is unable to sit down for his photos. The build holds while people off-camera take a few photos, but a shift in his weight collapses the entire thing, his feet punching through the floor.

The video starts well before the Jeep is destroyed, showing the build coming together in large sections. It also shows what underpins the build – a basic frame held up with jack stands with no bracing underneath the floorboard. The entire build gives way without any bracing, sending thousands of Lego pieces scattering across the floor.

It’s sad to see two years of work completely destroyed, but at least it was finished. Getting close to completing it and then having it destroyed would be even more devastating, but that seems like a hazard that comes with the hobby. There’s no requirement for builders to go bonkers with their builds as there are plenty of other Lego options that put the greatest automobiles, new and old, in the hands of anyone at any age.

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