Aston Martin Milano dealership has collaborated with famous champagne producer Dom Pérignon on a bespoke Rapide S.

All the changes have occurred in the trunk where the vehicle has received a hand built cellar with three bottles of champagne from 1998, as well as two crystal glasses and two bottle openers. Right now it's only a promotional car which will be displayed at various venues in Italy in the months to come, but after the journey will end, the Aston Martin Milano dealership will actually start offering this as optional equipment called Deuxième Plénitude Special Kit.

There's no word about the price tag just yet, but given the high level of craftsmanship and the luxury items stored within that bespoke cellar, it obviously won't come cheap. When not in use, the unique cellar can be removed to free up the car's trunk which has a rather small 317-liter cargo capacity.

Gallery: Aston Martin teams up with Dom Pérignon for a one-off Rapide S packed with the finest champagne

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