As part of Stellantis' massive presentation of its Dare Forward 2030 strategy, the company offers the first teaser images of the new battery-electric vehicle for the Jeep brand. The automaker is light on details at this time but says the crossover EV launches in early 2023.

We only have two images of the Jeep EV, but the pictures reveal some details about the vehicle. The overall styling has proportions that are similar to the current Jeep Compass. However, this vehicle has split headlights with a portion of the grille separating the running lights on top from the main lamps on the bottom.

Gallery: 2023 Jeep EV Teaser

The grille is closed but has a simulated version of Jeep's seven-opening front end. There's a subtle blue line along the bottom section and a lower case "e" on the right side. It's not clear from the image whether the narrow opening in the center of the front end is functional or simply for looks.

The fog lights are visible in the lower fascia. In the center, there's hexagonal mesh and a sensor is in the middle of this section.

Along the flank, the fender flares bulge outward from the body. A crease above them adds a further accent to their look. Body cladding is around the wheel wells and side sills. The Jeep has hidden rear door handles that incorporate into the black portion of the C-pillar.


The back has X-shaped elements in the taillights with a black portion of the body that is part of the rear hatch. Another "e" logo is visible on the lower left side. The rear bumper has the black cladding that's on the rest of the lower body. A silver element is at the very bottom. As an EV, there is no need for exhaust pipes.

The Jeep EV will go into production in November 2022 at the plant in Tychy, Poland, according to Automotive News Europe citing Stellantis documents. The same plant will also produce a small Fiat crossover starting in April 2023. An Alfa Romeo version of this product is allegedly awaiting approval for production.

The three models ride on the Compact Modular Platform that some Citroen, Opel, and Peugeot products already use. According to the Automotive News Europe report, the Jeep has the codename Project 516. It would launch with a gasoline engine. The EV starts production in February 2023, and a mild-hybrid variant starts assembly in January 2024.

The factory will allegedly build 110,000 examples a year of the Jeep model. It will be the smallest vehicle from the brand in the US, occupying a spot below the Renegade, Automotive News Europe reports. 

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