Hyundai's lineup of electric vehicles will continue to grow in the coming years. The next EV from the brand we're on the lookout for is the Ioniq 6. It's a sedan that will give Hyundai a Tesla Model 3 competitor,  and a new video provides a detailed look at the vehicle. 

The video captures a prototype sitting in a hotel parking lot. It's covered in the same camouflage and cladding we've seen before, but the up-close look reveals a few design details. At the rear, the swooping model hides its crystal-like taillights behind a cover, which appear to sit below a camouflaged rear spoiler. The chunky cladding at the rear conceals the sporty styling element.

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At the front, the camouflage does a good job hiding Hyundai's styling cues. The headlights look sleek, but the poor lighting and weather obscure the finer details. There's an exposed front camera and a spot for sensors positioned in the lower grille. The car is roughly the same size as a Model 3 sedan.

The model will ride on the brand's E-GMP platform that Hyundai uses for the Ioniq 5 and other EVs, meaning the model will likely share powertrains. It's expected that Hyundai will use the 77.5-kilowatt-hour battery pack from the Ioniq 5 in the Ioniq 6, with larger capacities planned, too.

The Ioniq 6 takes its design inspiration from the sleek Hyundai Prophecy concept. While the prototypes we've spotted don't look nearly as exciting, the Ioniq 6 does look like it'll have an interesting design. The 6 doesn't look as sleek and futuristic as the concept, but production cars rarely meet those high dream-like expectations.

Hyundai hasn't told us when it would reveal the Ioniq 6, but we expect the company to pull the covers off the rumored 2023 model sometime this year. However, Hyundai hasn’t indicated when the new EV will go on sale in the US. Automakers have been strategic in rolling out new EVs around the world, often starting with a specific trim or powertrain package before expanding the number of available configurations and price points. Hyundai could choose to do the same for the sedan.

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