Chris and Brandy lived a pretty normal life in Indiana. They had full-time jobs and a house with a fence and a backyard. But after decades of doing the same thing like clockwork, the couple got tired of the full-time thing. They lack free time so they had to figure out to travel more.

That's when they decided to go full-time nomad on a motorhome, and their choice is Senorbussenstien – the couple's ode to their favorite TV show, The Office.

Formerly a school bus, this 37-feet-long International Amtran is powered by a DT466E, chosen by the couple due to its reliability. As they want the motorhome to feel more like a home, the two spent 600 build hours and up to $45,000 to convert the school bus to its current form today. The conversion involved a 15-inch roof raise for a higher ceiling to accommodate Chris' seven-foot height.


What's impressive about this motorhome is how homey it looks on the inside. As its a self-converted project, Chris & Brandy had all the autonomy on how they can use the massive space offered by the bus. Even the cabinets are hand-built by Chris himself, which shows that he's quite a handyman himself.

The absence of overhead storage gives an airy feeling, plus the finishes are what you'll normally expect from a non-rolling house. There are 11 windows (9 RV windows and 2 sky lights) for ample natural light to come in. There's a queen-size futton bed in the living room that they use as a sofa, while the shower area's floor size isn't as cramped as other motorhomes you'll see out there.

Of course, storage is mandatory in a rolling home, and you bet this hunk of a vehicle has got lots of it. Apart from outside storage, the Senorbussenstien has plenty of storages spaces under the bed, which has an access door at the back.

The bus also accommodates 75 gallons of water and 60 gallons of diesel, while there are specific ports for the water supply. Power comes from four solar panels, to make sure that they are always powered up wherever their journey takes them.

You can follow the couple's journey with Senorbussenstien, their two cats and a dog, and their Ram 1500 tow vehicle through their Instagram.

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