Ford has increased the price of the Bronco again, the second time for the 2022 model year. A quick peek at Ford's customer website reveals the new prices, showing us a sizable gap from the previous increase in October 2021.

When the Ford Bronco was revealed in 2020 for the 2021 model year, the Base trim was priced at $28,500 for the two-door model, while four-door started at $33,200. It then got a price hike in 2021 for the 2022 model year, increasing the starting price to $29,300 for the two-door and $33,450 for the four-door.

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With the newest price increase, the Base two-door model now starts at $30,800 while the four-door starts at $34,700, representing a gap of over one grand.

Likewise, the previous top-of-the-line Wildtrak trim now starts $49,780 for the two-door, representing a $905 increase. Interestingly, the four-door trim is slightly more affordable for the 2022 model year at $51,225, lower by $145 than the 2021 pricing of $51,370.

The prices for the recently revealed Bronco Everglades and top-dog Bronco Raptor remain at $53,000 and $68,500, respectively. The prices mentioned here don't include the applicable destination charge, which is valued at $1,495.

Consequently, customers have expressed concern with this new pricing, particularly those who have been waiting for their orders. Those who have already converted their reservation into orders and received their VINs may not be affected, but it's better to confirm so with respective dealers for good measure. Ford has also released a bulletin on price protection, but that only applies to certain vehicles ordered within a specific timeframe.

The recent Bronco price increase comes days before Ford has announced the closure of the 2022 ordering books due to high demand. Customers only have until March 7 to fulfill their orders. The ordering book for the 2023 model year is expected to open later this year.

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