Disney has some wild technology that it uses to make its theme parks feel magical. The company has always pushed the boundaries, and today is no different with its new stunt robots and other tricks. However, not every bit of magic needs a high-tech solution. Sometimes, a simple box truck and a false veneer are all the company needs to sell an illusion.

Photos from bioreconstruct on Twitter capture a behind-the-scenes look at Disney's operation, showing how Disney transports hotel guests between its new Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel and the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge theme park. Disney uses a simple box truck with a few modifications. Both sides of the truck have large doors for passengers who board from the Halcyon ship and "land" in Batuu at an open-air spaceport.

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The entire setup looks simple on the outside, but we bet it looks like a Star Wars transport inside. This setup allows guests to stay completely immersed in the Star Wars world without seeing outside of the attraction. Guests board from an enclosed structure on the ship before landing in Batuu, which has fabric and conduits hanging over the landing zone. 

Seeing behind the curtain doesn't take away from Disney's immense quality in its theme park world-building. Much of Disney looks like this from the outside, but guests aren’t supposed to see it. Anyone who has been to Disney knows the company works extra hard to keep guests enclosed in its bubble, and it has gone quite the distance to keep the Star Wars illusion alive far beyond the themed food and rides.

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is a two-night immersive hotel experience where guests do more than rove around the all-you-can-eat buffet. The stay is designed to be an interactive experience where guests participate in an ongoing story over their stay. Guests receive an itinerary that includes activities like "Light Saber Training," "Droid Racing," and special "Story Moments" where guests can hop right into the action. The stay starts at $4,809 for two guests.

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