The all-new Renault Talisman has made the digital transition to a coupe which would effectively act as a successor of the Laguna Coupe.

The old Laguna was far from being a looker in sedan and wagon body styles, but the coupe version had some Aston Martin flair which made it look quite attractive. However, Renault has previously announced there won't be another mid-size coupe which means we are stuck with the sedan and the upcoming wagon.

Now, Theophilus Chin has decided to show us what we are missing by rendering the two-door Talisman Coupe which looks very sleek and actually suits this new design much better. Despite its good looks, the market for such a model is very small and it wouldn't represent a viable business case for the company with the diamond logo which hasn't been doing that great in the mid-size segment with the Talisman's predecessors, the now defunct Laguna and Latitude.

Gallery: Renault Talisman Coupe render shows a worthy Laguna Coupe successor that won’t happen

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