Ford is adding more Bronco variants, and demand is keeping the company busy. It’s so busy that it will close the order books for the 2022 Bronco on March 7 as the company works to deliver the off-road SUV to eager customers. The announcement first revealed on and later posted to Ford’s website lists several changes to the 2022 Bronco order process that could affect the delivery process.

In its FAQs, Ford asks that customers convert their reservation to an order before March 7; however, the company makes “no guarantees” about customers getting a 2022 model. Customers can also wait for a 2023 model as Ford plans to open the order banks again later this year. Ford will begin accepting Bronco Raptor orders sometime after the March 7 deadline.

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Ford is also changing the Bronco’s production to deliver more models. The company has removed paint protection from all 2022 Broncos except for the Bronco Wildtrack. The Blue Oval says this will “increase the chances of more Broncos” being built this year. Customers that still want the protection will have to get the dealer-installed paint protection film instead.

Ford also suggests that customers remove the Trailer Tow package, with 60 percent of orders wanting this option. However, Ford can’t meet that demand, and customers removing that option can choose a dealer-installed option. Ford is still having trouble with the mold-in-color hardtops, and selecting a soft top might give customers “a better chance” of having their SUV manufactured for 2022.

Ford has struggled to meet the high demand for the off-road SUV. Numerous internal and external issues have caused several production delays for Ford, which has only compounded as it has struggled to deliver the vehicle to customers. Earlier this month, Ford had to pause Bronco production due to the ongoing semiconductor shortage plaguing the industry. Broncos are piling up waiting for parts, which is only exasperating the issue.

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