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The Mazda Cosmo's 50th anniversary is right around the corner and speculation has been running rampant about an all-new RX concept which could be introduced in 2017 to pay tribute to the iconic model.  

Mazda has been tight-lipped about their plans but that hasn't stopped our artists from creating a rendering of an all-new RX-7.

Looking undeniably attractive, the car has a flowing Kodo design with an aggressive front fascia that mimics the rest of the Mazda lineup.  Moving further back, we can see muscular rear fenders, a rakish roofline and massive alloy wheels that are begging to be powered by a rotary engine.

While there's a chance all this could be for nothing, reports have indicated that a production version of the aforementioned concept could arrive in 2020 to celebrate Mazda's 100th anniversary.

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