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About a month ago, Ford introduced the Bronco Raptor in the United States as a speedy off-roader with more of everything. Now, the Blue Oval is ready to unveil yet another Raptor, this time based on the recently launched Ranger global truck. The two will be followed by an F-150 Raptor R later this year, but that’s a story for another day.

Meanwhile, the Ranger Raptor will ditch the twin-turbo diesel engine of its predecessor in favor of a gasoline mill. The cylinder count is set to increase as the four-pot is going to make way for an EcoBoost V6. Displacement will grow from 2.0 to a yet-to-be-confirmed 3.0 liters bringing a lot more horsepower than the oil-burner had.

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Expect a healthy bump over the previous model’s 210 hp since the gasoline unit should have well over 300 hp. It’s an assumption we’re making based on the fact you get 400 hp in the Explorer ST and more than that in the Bronco Raptor. As for torque, the turbodiesel had 369 pound-feet (500 Newton-meters) while the gasoline engine puts out 415 lb-ft (562 Nm) in the Explorer ST.

As always with a Raptor model, there will be more to the beefier Ranger than just an upgraded engine. Ford will toughen up the suspension, jack up the ride height, and install some chunky all-terrain tires to enhance the truck's go-anywhere capabilities. It could have a 10-speed automatic transmission to mirror the Bronco Raptor with which it will share the large "FORD" lettering on the grille. It’s a design cue also seen in the F-150 Raptor as a further visual distinction compared to the lesser trim levels.

Ford has yet to release complete details about the standard Ranger versions, so the hotter Raptor is even more of a mystery. Unlike its predecessor, the new variant is apparently coming to the United States and is going to kick off at $52,500. It's not known whether the rumored price tag includes the $1,295 destination charge, but provided the info is accurate, it will undercut the larger F-150 Raptor by about $16,000.

Although the previous Ranger was launched in the US about seven years after the truck debuted in other markets, American buyers allegedly won't have to wait for so long this time around. Reports state production at the Michigan factory will commence in May 2023 and end in 2031. It's not known at this point whether the Raptor is going to hit the assembly line from day one or will arrive later in the life cycle.

The Ford Ranger Raptor for global markets will be revealed soon as the livestream is scheduled to start on Tuesday, February 22, at 2:00 AM EST / 7 AM GMT.

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