The war on loud cars is in full swing in New York. Thanks to a new automated camera-based systems New Yorkers could receive warnings about their loud car. A unique pilot program was started in New York City where owners of loud cars could receive a very unfortunate letter in the mail. Examples of this letter system have already been shared on Facebook where we get an idea of how the state of New York will use its new automated camera network to crack down on excessively loud cars.

In a Facebook post shared by Car and Driver, we can see the result of New York’s program on an NYC-based BMW M3 owner. The official letter states the owner of the M3 must go to an inspection station or face an $875 plus fine. Car and Driver pointed out that the inspection station is actually a sewage treatment plant which only adds insult to injury.

Gallery: New York’s New Automated Camera System Is Built To Ticket Loud Cars

The camera system is quite simple. A decibel meter is strategically placed and triggers a camera to take a photo of the car’s license plate. Much like a speed camera, the rest is controlled by an automated mailing system to send offenders their citations.

If offenders show up for their inspection they will have the opportunity to fix their loud exhaust without paying a fine. For owners of a car with an aftermarket exhaust, things could get a little tricky so make sure that you hold on to your stock system just in case. When it comes to cars with an adjustable exhaust, it may be wise to keep things on the quietest setting when driving through high traffic areas where the cameras could be lurking. 

For New York residents who are opposed to this new system, there is an opportunity to express their feelings. The entire program will be re-evaluated on June 30th of 2022. Until then, keep things quiet unless you want to go to a sewage treatment plant for evaluation.

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