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Just a few days ago, the upcoming Mazda CX-60 was caught testing in public. The Japanese automaker has been quite secretive about this car as that was only the second time that the crossover was spotted in the wild. But then again, it's definitely happening and the company has already put out an official teaser of the upcoming CX-60, the first PHEV coming with a Mazda badge.

While we already have an idea of what it looks like based on the alleged undisguised sighting from last year, our buddies from Kolesa tried to undress the camouflaged prototype to imagine what the CX-60 might look like.

Mazda CX-60 Unofficial Rendering by Kolesa
Mazda CX-60 Unofficial Rendering by Kolesa

The result isn't surprising as the unofficial rendering here shows an evolution of Mazda's current Kodo design language. But then again, the biggest difference from the current Mazda crossovers is the squarish grille, as well as the differing daytime running lights.

Apart from those, the CX-60 here does look what you'll expect from a Mazda. Don't get fooled by the quad exhaust tips, though – the ones we saw on the prototype were fake ones.

Despite looking like a typical Mazda, the CX-60 is believed to be a lot different underneath the skin, riding on a completely new rear-wheel-drive platform that's made for in-line engines. More importantly, the assumed PHEV that we saw before has been confirmed to make over 300 horsepower.

The CX-60 is part of the "Large Product Group" announced in October 2021. It will have a wider counterpart in the US with the CX-70 name, while a bigger three-row CX-80 is bound for Europe. A fatter version of the latter will also have an American counterpart, to be called the CX-90.

But before all of these cars hit the limelight, Mazda will be launching the CX-60 on March 8, 2022. We'll know more about the PHEV by then, or if it will actually be an electrified model.

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