Lotus has two new teaser videos of its long-awaited Type 132 crossover. One of them puts the emphasis on the electric drive unit, and the other shows the wheels.

The one titled Heart (above) shows a female runner getting ready to sprint off the line. Then, the various pieces of the electric drive unit come together. The image is shadowy, but there appears to be the transmission and inverter as part of it. Finally, the Type 132 logo flashes on the screen.

The video above has the title Power (above). This one has a male runner and shows the Type 132's wheels turning. Looking at them, the pieces appear to be a mix of aluminum and carbon fiber.

Last year, Lotus said that the Type 132 was debuting sometime in 2022. The company has been teasing it for months with short videos like this that show tiny glimpses of the vehicle's design.

So far, Lotus says the crossover can reach 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in under three seconds. The EV has batteries with capacities between 92- and 120-kilowatt hours. It has a charging system that runs at 800 volts, and recharging from empty to 80 percent reportedly takes 20 minutes.

Judging by the previous teasers, the Type 132 will offer features like active aerodynamics for multiple panels and a Lidar system for road sensing abilities. A very short video appears to show the infotainment screen having a position touching the dashboard when not in use and then moving into place when the vehicle starts.

Lotus also plans to introduce a four-door coupe in 2023 and an even bigger electric crossover in 2024. From there, a new sports car would reportedly join the range in 2026 as part of the brand's EV revolution. Teasers for the performance model suggest a design similarity to the classic Esprit.

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