Not that long ago, we were exclusively associating hydrogen cars with EVs such as the Toyota Mirai. However, things changed when Toyota announced an innovative powertrain consisting of an internal combustion engine feeding on hydrogen. It's more than just an announcement as cars have been tested already, including a Corolla and the smaller Yaris supermini. Both have a three-cylinder, 1.6-liter turbocharged engine sourced from the GR Yaris.

It would seem Toyota is not the only automaker to experiment with this type of powertrain. Renault is teasing a new concept car equipped with a "hydrogen engine." The use of the word "engine" tells us the shadowy vehicle seen here doesn't have electric motors, but rather an ICE running on hydrogen instead of gasoline or diesel. The company with the diamond logo goes on to say it's an "unprecedented concept car," which further makes us believe it's not a typical fuel cell hydrogen vehicle.

The slim LED headlights and illuminated logo make us think of the Megane E-Tech Electric, but with significantly bigger daytime running lights where you'd normally find air intakes. To the surprise of no one, it appears to be a crossover. Side cameras are no longer a concept-only feature since there are quite a few production cars that do away with glass mirrors. In fact, it was only a few days ago when Hyundai revealed plans to introduce digital mirrors in Europe for the Ioniq 5 later this year.

Renault remains coy on details about the concept, but we do know the full reveal is scheduled to take place sometime in May. When the wraps will come off, prepare to see "onboard technological innovations" for the safety of those inside the cabin.

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