BMW has two facelifted crossovers in development, and new, unofficial renderings preview their refreshed designs. We’ve already seen plenty of spy shots of both the X5 and X6 crossovers, and the two have featured camouflaged front fascias. The new renderings from our friends at peel away that camo to provide a glimpse at their styling refreshes.

While the two are different models in BMW’s lineup, they also wear BMW’s familial face, and their respective redesigns bring the two even closer together. The renderings show off a pair of normal-sized kidney grilles that sit above wide lower grille openings. Bracketing all that are a pair of intakes pushed to the lower bumper corners and refreshed headlights.

Gallery: BMW X5, BMW X6 Unofficial Renderings

It’s a different story at the rear. The BMW X5 spy shots showed the crossover with camo covering the entire rear fascia, which hid the new taillights and a tweaked bumper design. Those changes are visible in the rendering. The X6 didn’t have that camouflage on the rear because BMW isn’t making any changes to the back of the model. It looks unchanged from what’s on sale now.

We know the X6 is getting a big improvement inside with the addition of the company’s latest dual-screen setup that uses a display for the dash-mounted gauge cluster and the infotainment system. We haven’t peeked inside of the X5 to see if it’s getting the updated interior as well, and the renderings don’t help either.

While the two are getting updated looks and new technology, the powertrain lineup will likely continue unchanged from the current models. We’ll know for sure later this year. We expect the BMW X5 to debut before the end of 2022, with rumors suggesting that production will begin in April 2023. The X6 could debut as late as early next year, which would put the start of production toward the second half of 2023. It’d arrive as a 2024 model.

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