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While it's now out of production, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon remains an impressively quick vehicle on a drag strip. This video shows two runs of one racing highly modified, older pickups. Then, a Challenger SRT Hellcat takes on a tuned Ford F-250.

First, the Demon lines up against an early 1970s Datsun pickup. In most situations, the Dodge would leave the old, Japanese pickup in its dust. However, this one packs an engine with a gargantuan supercharged that isn't too far away from being the height of the hood.

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When the lights turn green, the Demon's front wheels rise into the air, and the car rockets away. The Dodge wins the drag race with a time of 9.84 seconds at 136.61 miles per hour (219.9 kilometers per hour). The Datsun loses, but its time of 11.28 seconds at 124.25 mph (200 kph) is still impressive.

Next, a Demon takes on a 1940 Ford pickup. Like the Datsun, it boasts a huge supercharger. This time, it's the Dodge's turn to taste defeat but not by much. The Ford takes the lead off the line, but the Challenger is making up the distance at the finish line.

The Ford pickup clocks a 10.09-second run at 133.17 mph (214.3 kph). The Demon covers the distance in 10.19 seconds at 133.55 mph (214.9 kph).

Finally, the Challenger SRT Hellcat takes on a diesel-powered Ford F-250 that makes 900 horsepower (671 kilowatts), according to this video's description on YouTube. It takes a little while for the race to start. Once they launch, the race is close. The pickup manages to win with a time of 11.65 seconds at 118.01 mph (189.9 kph). The Dodge is just a bit behind with a pass at 11.98 seconds at 123.27 mph (198.4 kph).

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