Short films and videos made for marketing purposes have been around since time immemorial. They serve their purpose: to reach target demographics and eventually persuade them to buy the product. Or at least create a fuzz about it.

That said, Mercedes-Benz's latest marketing ploy for the G-Class SUV is a bit peculiar. The German marque has made an eight-minute vampire movie just in time for Valentine's Day, calling it "Immortal Love" for obvious reasons.

If the automaker's target customers are our fanged, immortal friends, we're not entirely sure – but at least the short film embedded atop is entertaining.

Gallery: Immortal Love x Mercedes-Benz G-Class

To be fair, the Mercedes G-Class is in line with the lifestyle of vampires. It has a timeless design, so innocent bystanders won't know from which year the vampire owner's really from – unless it's an AMG G65. The G-Class also does carry the monicker "stronger than time," which resound with how vampires withstand death and aging.

The eight-minute vampire movie features international rising star Rimon. The singer/songwriter, who was born in Eritrea and raised in the Netherlands, plays a globally celebrated star rapper who leads a double life.

In line with the short vampire movie, Mercedes-Benz has also opened an exclusive meeting place and experience space for the growing G-Class community worldwide: the G‑Class Private Lounge. Meeting a new vampire friend isn't guaranteed, though.

Mercedes-Benz isn't a stranger to making weird marketing materials for its cars. Remember the Concept EQG that made its debut at the Munich Auto Show last year? The electric G-Class was featured with alien-like, Star Trek-ish characters to highlight the SUV's foray into an electrified future.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG

Whether this marketing works or not, numbers certainly don't lie. There were 41,174 new G-Class owners in 2021, a new record for the boxy SUV. The G-Class, along with Maybach and AMG, posted record-breaking sales in the same year.

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