What started with the Ioniq 5 as Hyundai’s fully revamped electric vehicle family will soon morph into a full range of zero-emissions vehicles from the automaker, covering a few different core segments. Joining the retro-modernistic crossover will be another larger SUV, previewed by the Seven Concept. Between them, a brand new electric sedan will fill the gap offering electric mobility for those who are not interested in high-riding machines.

Hyundai hinted about the Ioniq 6 with the Prophecy concept, which was a sleek and stunning-looking show car with fully-electric propulsion. We are yet to see the form of the production model, though new spy photos give us at least some hints about the shape of the electric sedan. It was recently caught by our team of spy photographers testing in winter conditions near the Arctic Circle and we can confirm this is the very same trial car we spied on about a month ago.

Gallery: Hyundai Ioniq 6 new spy photos

Unfortunately, Hyundai is still keeping all the body camouflage intact and there are enough fake panels attached to the rear end to prevent us from seeing what its actual shape looks like. Still, the upper section of the vehicle is nearly undisguised and we can take a look at the roofline which is very similar to the profile of the Prophecy concept. We are not here to judge, but if the overall shape of the production model is anything like the prototype, we’d be very happy.

One thing the Ioniq 6 won’t inherit from the concept is the suicide doors that are obviously not a very practical solution for a production vehicle. Also, the front and rear overhangs will be extended to make enough room for all the components of the electric powertrain and to ensure the cargo area can swallow more stuff. Obviously, all these changes will affect the overall shape of the electric vehicle.

As a side note, there are reports that Hyundai will delay the launch of the vehicle until later this year in order to extend its body by 20 millimeters (0.8 inches). The Ioniq 6 is expected to be unveiled with a 77.4-kWh battery pack, shared with the Ioniq 5 where it is now the standard option in all markets around the globe.

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