If you can’t afford anything from the current crop of bespoke overland builds, then maybe this eBay listing is for you. This classic 1966 Chevy C10 Pickup is the most interesting camper design we’ve seen in some time. This isn’t your typical pickup-based camper. Instead of putting all of the living space in the bed area of the truck, this Chevy C10 removed the entire cab to add space and allow you to drive from the comfort of your own home.

Gallery: Weird 1966 Chevrolet Pickup Camper Doesn't Even Have A Cab

In today’s world of bespoke products, overland builds are something of a stand-out. It seems that a new company emerges weekly ready to build you a well-thought-out vehicle for the cost of an entry-level supercar. Somehow all of these new companies cannot satisfy the demand of customers who dream of camping in remote locations in a tough and comfortable machine.

Today we get to see what camper and overlander build looked like over 50 years ago. Welcome to one of the most unique Chevy C10 trucks we’ve seen. The only part of the original truck you can still see is the hood as everything else has been replaced by camper parts. The driver now sits behind a very unique curved windshield inside the living space of the camper like an RV. This interesting design choice means there’s more living space while keeping the same Chevy C10 footprint.

Since this camper was built in the 1960’s crash safety wasn’t a number one priority, so one can assume it’s not up to today’s standards. That being said, this unique canvas could be the perfect starting point for restoration to build a 2022 take on a 1966 vision. 

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