The Camakuruma is an adorable, little camper concept from Japan. It features a custom interior with walls that look like stacked blocks of ice, so you can pretend you are sleeping in an igloo. In fact, the name is a portmanteau of the Japanese words for igloo (kamakura) and car (kuruma).

The Camakuruma is a joint venture between the Hoshino Resort Alz Bandai, Camping Car Co., and the Toyota Development and Prototype Department. The starting point for the concept is the Robinson 771 compact camper, which uses a Toyota HiAce for its platform. The vehicle looks normal on the outside, but the inside is where things get special.

Gallery: Camakuruma Concept Camper

Hoshino Resort Alz Bandai is a ski resort that is located at the foot of Mount Bandai. The idea behind Camakuruma is to let people experience the snow, even when they are resting. The camper's interior uses Toyota's 2.5D printing technology to apply the texture that makes the walls look like stacked blocks of ice.

The Nippon Design Center handles the rest of the interior styling and maintains the wintery appearance. The cabin is monochromatic white except for the tiles near the sink and a few of the pillows. The bed runs from wall to wall on the floor and features an Escargot camping mat underneath.

The interior has large windows on each side. There's also one in the alcove above the driver's cockpit. There isn't a bathroom or kitchenette, but occupants have access to a sink. A TV mounts against the wall to entertain the folks in bed.

Camakuruma is just a concept. The Hoshino Resort Alz Bandai is using the vehicle to promote its camper rental program for folks who want a more outdoorsy experience during their ski trip. The models available are just regular motorhomes and don't have walls that look like ice blocks.

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