The rare Bugatti EB112 has been captured on camera roaming the streets of Monaco.

Basically a four-door sedan version of the EB110, the EB112 was styled by Italdesign and was introduced at the 1993 Geneva Motor Show. However, the car was never green-lighted for production so it remained only a prototype, albeit a very special one with an imposing overall length of 5070mm and a massive 3100mm wheelbase.

It's not just the sheer size which manages to impress, but also the elegant rounded surfaces and a rear end inspired by legendary Bugatti models such as the Atlantic with a central rib dividing the rear window and trunk into two.

Although it's a prototype from more than two decades ago, the Bugatti EB112 - a precursor of the Galibier - still manages to impress from a mechanical point of view as it has an aluminum body and a carbon fiber chassis. It's no slouch either as it packs a mighty V12 6.0-liter engine with 455 bhp (339 kW) channeled to an all-wheel drive system.

Special thanks go to Max for allowing us to use the pics!

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