The Mercedes G-Class had a record sales year in 2021, and it doesn't look like demand will slow down in 2022. The SUV is an industry icon, instantly recognizable for its boxy shape. It's famous for how it blends luxury and off-road capability. The G is the subject of the Woodworking Art YouTube channel's latest video, which crafts an assortment of makes and models out of wood. The G500 4x4² is one of the channel's best creations yet.

The artist behind the channel is no stranger to exceptional work, crafting wooden models with functioning suspensions, doors, and more that’s done at a high level. The G500 is no less detailed than the others they have completed. It features an expertly tailored exterior paired with a highly detailed and functional interior.

The dashboard features the iconic grab handle ahead of the front passenger, along with the instrument cluster, vents, and the infotainment screen. Below is a fully-realized IP with HVAC and audio controls and a center console. The steering wheel has buttons, and even the front seats slide forward and back just like the real thing, though leather might be a tad more comfortable than wood.

The video starts with a wooden block that's slowly cut, trimmed, and chiseled into the G-Class' famous shape, each pass honing closer to the final design. The final product comprises several interconnected wooden pieces that must fit together so that everything works as intended. That includes having the doors, hood, and rear hatch open and close.

The level of detail is exquisite, no different than the countless other wooden models we've covered from the channel. The side-exit exhaust ahead of the rear tires and detailed engine bay only enhance the model, with the blacked-out windows adding a touch of real-world luxury to the entire thing.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class
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