According to a German report, Porsche has decided to take legal actions against Chinese company Zotye Auto for copying the Macan's design.

The Zotye T700 is set to go on sale next year in China as a Macan knockoff, but the company is now facing a lawsuit as Porsche is apparently suing the Chinese automaker known for shamelessly copying the high-performance crossover's design (and other models as well). However, there are slim chances Porsche will be able to stop Zotye from selling the T700 because the laws in China regarding intellectual property theft are rudimentary at best.

This is why Land Rover has decided not to sue Landwind for ripping off the Range Rover Evoque's styling with the X7 as the British marque knows it would have been a futile legal battle.

As a consequence, the Porsche Macan will live a double life in China where the Zotye T700 will be sold at a starting price of 170,000 yuan ($27,360), making it a lot cheaper than the original model's 558,000 yuan ($89,800) sticker.

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