The latest Lego Technic kit is a 1,432-piece model of the McLaren Formula One car from the 2021 season. F1 fans can add this machine to their scale vehicle collection on March 1. It retails for $179.99.

The F1 car will take up quite a bit of real estate on your shelf. It measures over 25.5 inches (65 centimeters) long, 10.5 inches (27 centimeters) wide, and over 5 inches (13 centimeters) tall.

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The styling includes cues from the not-yet-unveiled 2022 McLaren F1 car. "The Lego designers worked closely with the team at McLaren Racing, with both sets of experts developing their version of the car at the same time for the 2022 race season," according to toy maker's description of the model.


The large size means there is plenty of room to include interesting details. The turbocharged V6 engine has moving pistons, and there's a working differential. There's steering for you to pretend to be Daniel Ricciardo or Lando Norris. The suspension functions, too. The model comes with sponsorship decals to apply to make the car look just like what's on the track.

Because of the complexity, Lego recommends this build for folks who are 18 or older. The model comes with a coffee-table-style instruction book that includes the story behind the collaboration between McLaren Racing and Lego.

The two companies already have a collaborative relationship. The previous kit included tiny versions of the Elva and 720S. The Senna GTR received a Lego Technic model, but at 830 pieces, it was far smaller than the new F1 car model.

At 1,432 pieces, the McLaren F1 car doesn't have as many parts to assemble as some other Lego Technic kits. For example, the toymaker launched a model of the Lamborghini Sian with 3,696 blocks to assemble. In 2018, the Bugatti Chiron came out with 3,599 bricks to put together.

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