We have received a new batch of spy shots with Mercedes-Benz’s brand new E-Class (W213) tackling the Nordschleife.

With the introduction of the CLA entry-level sedan, Mercedes-Benz had to make the C-Class bigger to distance the two and the same thing will happen with the new E-Class which will be slightly larger to create enough room between it and the C. Despite wearing a full body camouflage, it's easy to notice the Daimler-owned marque will be implementing design cues from the C and S, enabling what can be described as a matryoshka doll theme across the C, E and S ranges as soon all of them will share a very similar look in compact, medium and full sizes. 

The newly developed E-Class will have more in common with the C-Class in terms of underpinnings as it will use the same MRA platform, but inside the cabin it should be closer to the S-Class so expect a more luxurious interior with more room in the back thanks to the stretched wheelbase. A weight loss of up to 150 kg (330 lbs) is expected despite the increased proportions and there also might be an optional semi-autonomous driving system planned.

We've been hearing some rumors about a new array of straight-six engines, including a twin- and quad-turbo diesel while the entry-level diesel will apparently be a new 1.6-liter developed in-house rather than being sourced from Renault. The E63 will obviously be back and has already been spied carrying the production body and will have an upgraded version of the twin-turbo V8 4.0-liter from the C63 and the GT.

A full reveal of the sedan should occur January 2016 in Detroit at NAIAS whereas the wagon (T-Model) will be out later the same year.


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