Europe, are you ready for even more SUVs? Mazda believes you are because it has released a teaser photo and video combo for the CX-60. It represents the first vehicle from the "Large Product Group" announced in October last year. It's also coming to Japan and other markets, but not to the United States and additional countries where the Zoom-Zoom company will sell an equivalent CX-70 with a wider body.

The CX-60 was spotted undisguised during a photo shoot last November and this teaser image confirms that the vehicle was the real deal. It has an identical headlight setup with the LED daytime running lights featuring a horizontal line that extends to meet the front grille. The (hopefully) functional air curtains have the same upright orientation and a glossy black trim also applied onto the grille's surround.

On the Old Continent, Mazda plans to sell the 2023 CX-60 with a plug-in hybrid powertrain combining a four-cylinder 2.5-liter gasoline engine with an electric motor. The SUV promises to deliver a total output of over 300 horsepower while meeting Europe's stringent emissions regulations. It'll go down in history as the company's first plug-in hybrid model and will be followed by a three-row CX-80.

Both larger SUVs are scheduled to go on sale in Europe within the next two years. Over in the US, the CX-70 will be joined by a three-row CX-90, also featuring a wider body compared to the CX-80. These products have been engineered to accommodate not just PHEV powertrains, but also a new family of straight-six gasoline and diesel engines featuring a mild-hybrid setup.

There's no word about the beefier combustion engines coming to Europe, but Mazda has at least confirmed the new SUVs it will sell in the US will have them. Although not specified by the automaker, all four models are expected to ride on a newly developed rear-wheel-drive platform.

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