After all of their six kids were out of the house, this couple converted a bus into a motorhome and hit the road. The interior of this rig has all the amenities you could ever want making this a tiny house of wheels.

They were able to find this 1994 Bluebird bus for just $800, and it even was in running condition for that price. Under the hood, there's a 5.9-liter Cummins diesel that runs to an Allison automatic transmission. The roof is now 20 inches taller than stock, which creates plenty of room to stand up inside the vehicle.

The interior is where things are really special. When traveling across the country, the couple buys things from second-hand stores and looks for deals for outfitting the motorhome. For example, the wood floor is from a returned custom order, meaning these folks could get it at a discount.

The kitchen also includes lots of second-hand pieces, but the couple is clearly skilled at do-it-yourself work because everything fits together so well. A full-sized refrigerator and two freezers provide plenty of food storage for just two people. Open shelves offer places to do some decorating.

The bedroom includes a queen-sized bed that sits high to create plenty of storage space underneath it. A small closet holds any clothes that the couple needs to hang up. A hidden storage spot in the floor holds their shoes.

The bathroom is huge by motorhome standards at around 54 inches by 62 inches. There's a shower and lots of storage. The husband custom-built the composting toilet.

The couple calls this rig the Sugar Bear Bus, and the emblem takes inspiration from one of the husband's hats. To create it, they used a projector to display the image onto the side of the vehicle and drew the outline. Then, they painted in the details.

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