Snow and Ford Broncos don't generally mix, but this one's a different story that involves both.

Auto shows generally have interesting exhibitions inside the convention center – or out on the grounds, depending on the venue. However, this year's Buffalo Auto Show has something to show even before the attendees enter the event area, thanks to artist Eric Jones.

For this year's event, Eric Jone has sculpted a life-size replica of a Ford Bronco made of snow. It sits right outside the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center and sparked the interest of the auto show attendees and local media outlets.


According to an interview with WKBW, Jones' work took five days to complete. He said that the Ford Bronco ice sculpture is the most complex carving he has ever done.

"By far the most complex carving I have ever created...because it's 360 degrees and I wanted to put it on an angle so it looks like it's climbing down that hill toward the convention center," Jones said.

Eric Jones is a caricature artist based in New York. According to his website, he's been doing so professionally for 21 years, amassing up to 100,000 images of people at live events, and 70,000 more from photos. In live events, he uses two mediums: traditional and digital. Rates vary depending on the medium, though we have yet to know the rate for the life-size Ford Bronco ice sculpture that he made for this year's Buffalo Auto Show.

Jones said that he likes doing temporary sculptures. As opposed to other sculptors that want their work to be preserved as much as possible, he wants things that rot, wash away, and in this case, melt.

"There's something beautiful about art that's temporary – there's a buzz and an energy to it to come and see it and enjoy it," Jones told WKBW.

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