Gordon Murray Automotive has given the T.50 a proper sibling in the name of the T.33. The new supercar has received so much attention since its debut in January, including the designer of the McLaren 720S, Frank Stephenson.

This isn't Stephenson's first design critique; he has been doing so amid the pandemic and we thank heavens for that. With Ferrari, Maserati, BMW, Mini, and of course McLaren filling his design portfolio, Stephenson has all the credentials to back up his criticisms – and that's what we're seeing here on the latest upload on his YouTube channel.

Gallery: Gordon Murray Automotive T.33

Stephenson initially thought that the Gordon Murray Automotive T.33's design was 'meh.' That's because it looks like something he has seen before, pointing out the '60s automobile design inspiration, such as the Lotus Elite Type 14, Lotus Elon Series 3, and even the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale.

Stephenson also noticed the lack of the front splitters, which he then deduced to be something differently clever on the T.33. The hidden front diffusers were, in fact, among the secret elements of the new Gordon Murray supercar.

As Stephenson went along with this design analysis, he pointed out other faults in the T.33's styling. Those were pretty minor though and as he has put it, the car has a "pure sensual, exquisitely handled surface."

It was inevitable that Stephenson appreciated the T.33 despite the quirks he pointed out. So much so that he gave the car a score of 9.91 out of 10 – on equal ground as the Aston Martin Valhalla, but still right behind the Honda e which he gave a perfect score of 10.

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