Some builds are met with universal praise, such as restomods or clean swaps. However, not all receive universal acclaim because of the polarizing look. However, some custom jobs are so unique you respect the person behind them whether you like it or not.

One such example is Elvis' (not the singer) 1982 Datsun 280ZX. Youtube channel Roads Untraveled took a closer look at the pastel-colored classic Datsun that the owner bills 'The Home Depot Special'. For starters, the owner says the car looks "amazing from ten feet away", but a closer look reveals all its imperfections.

The widened fenders and front bumper were fabricated using bits of sheet metal. It also has a custom splitter with matching side skirts and rear fender flares. The rear has a high ducktail spoiler and a bumper delete. It rides on Aero Race NASCAR wheels that Elvis says are technically not legal.

Another unique part of the car is the roof box mount. It is made from custom exhaust pipes from a 370Z that Elvis had around. Instead of putting it to waste, he recycled it to what it is now. As for the paint scheme, he says he took inspiration from Group 5-era Porsche 935 race cars.

Powering this custom 280ZX is the original, non-turbocharged 2.8-liter straight-six. That said, it had a rebuild and now packs turbo heads. Either way, you shouldn't expect explosive performance from the L28. It mustered 145 horsepower (108 kilowatts) and 156 pound-feet (212 Newton-meters) of torque back in 1982.

Roads Untraveled host Marcus Vandenberg noted that the suspension needs some dialing-in, and the steering isn't the best one out there. On the flipside, Vandenberg said that the car's 'outlaw' vibe makes it unique. It's not a rat-rod or any of the sort, but it's something else.

So why is this car so special for Elvis? He says it's his first car, and he learned a lot of things while fixing it up. That said, it is for sale per the owner's Youtube channel, and the listing says it can be yours for 18,500 Canadian dollars.

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