Jaguar’s sales numbers have taken a big hit in the last few years just as the industry gears up to build fully electric vehicles. Jaguar announced it’ll join this fray in 2025 with the start of its new all-electric lineup. The company has had a few hiccups surrounding its EV efforts, but Jaguar has announced that it will now develop its own dedicated platform for its future electric vehicles.

Jaguar CFO Adrain Mardell revealed earlier this week on an investor call that the company calls it the Panthera platform. This transition to EVs will see Jaguar move further upscale to compete with Bentley and Aston Martin, but to do that, Jaguar feels that it needs its own platform. A dedicated architecture will give the company control over the platform’s capabilities and the cars it designs to fit on that platform.

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The move upscale means Jaguar will have to stand out from the crowd. Jaguar CEO Thierry Bellore said during the call that Jaguar models would be “distinct” with “no overlap,” according to Autocar. These cars will “copy nothing in style or design.”

Jaguar’s announcement that it is designing the Panthera platform arrives a year after the company announced that it’d begin the transition to a fully electric company in 2025. Details about its future products remain elusive, though the company did say it would invest £2.5 billion into becoming an EV brand.

We’re excited to see what Jaguar has planned, but we might be waiting a few more years to see the direction it’s taking. A recent report from a French newspaper suggested that Jaguar wouldn’t introduce any new products until 2025. While that is disappointing, it makes sense with the company’s transition. The Jaguar we used to know is on the way out, and its future seems a bit shaky but full of potential with this new Panthera platform.

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