We discovered the Backyard Racing YouTube channel just before Christmas last year, and it made us feel like kids opening gifts left by Santa Claus. We shared a video showing what could be the coolest Hot Wheels track in the world, slicing through treetops for several minutes. And now there's a new track that's just as amazing.

The latest course is called the Treehouse Mega Track, and as the video above shows, the name is certainly appropriate. As with the previous Hot Wheels adventure, the video starts in the trees with the car descending towards what we assume is the treehouse. And it's an actual house, built off the ground between two trees with a cozy living room, bedroom, and kitchen inside. We know this because the track goes through an open window, winding throughout the house before exiting another window in the kitchen.

The track snakes back to the deck and tree where it all started, eventually turning onto a footbridge connecting another elevated building, all under the attentive gaze of the guard dog/race marshal on duty. The track doesn't enter the second structure, but it does circle around to the first of two zipline bridges that appear to be made from popsicle sticks. It crosses the yard, sending the car all the way to the ground for corner-carving through leaves before reaching a magnetic lift that pulls it back up to the treehouse. How freaking cool is this?

The track returns to the deck for a third circuit, winding through tables and chairs before entering the second zipline bridge for a long, fast trip across the yard (again) to the other building. It's a straight shot to the finish line, with a final boost sending the Hot Wheels car off a jump into a foam box. It's 2 minutes 59 seconds from the opening roll to the soft landing.

The video description doesn't say how long it took to build, but the track was set up at an Airbnb in Tennessee and apparently, there are toy aliens hidden around the course. Guess that means we're watching the video again to try and find them. Darn it all.

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