Regardless of how you feel about vehicle tug-of-war battles, they are generally entertaining to watch. Of course, tying trucks together for a horsepower showdown doesn't have anything to do with power – a massive oak tree doesn't have an engine, but it sure has roots to hold it firmly in place against any of the competitors featured here. It's actually about grip, and for off-roaders that comes down to two things: tires and weight.

Curiously, this recent video from TFLoffroad pits five vehicles in a tug-of-war on snow. That certainly makes the grip portion of this showdown interesting, though it's not long before tires are clawing at the bare ground so snow isn't a complete deal-breaker It's still a loose, frozen surface so, in this instance, tire choice is especially critical. That becomes very obvious as soon as the Ford Bronco enters the arena.

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Speaking of which, this five-vehicle event also includes the Ford F-150 Raptor, Toyota Tundra, Nissan Titan, and the horsepower king of trucks, the Ram TRX. Of them all, the TRX is the heavyweight at over three tons so you'd expect it to reach the final round. And it does, defeating the F-150 Raptor but only just barely. The big surprise, however, is the Bronco also reaching the final. Despite being the lightest vehicle in the group, it gripped the frozen ground better and humiliated the Nissan Titan after the Titan eliminated the Tundra. That's what power management and good tires will do for you.

As such, the final match sees the lightest vehicle against the heaviest, the latter of which also has vastly more power. One would expect the TRX to clean the Bronco's clock, but given the less-than-ideal surface combined with a heavy-footed driver in the Ram, the result is actually a straight-up tie. Neither vehicle could move the other, meaning both claim victory.

Is it a scientific test showcasing the advantages and disadvantages of vehicles? Not remotely, but sometimes, you just gotta have some fun.

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