Maserati is working on a brand new product that will join the existing model range of the Italian company very soon. The exact debut date for the Grecale is still not available, though we suspect it will arrive later this year as a 2023 MY vehicle. Until then, for those who order a new Maserati in the United States, the automaker has a brand new customization program to supplement the shopping experience.

The so-called Fuoriserie program will allow the clients to personalize their new Maserati cars. The manufacturer will work with every interested customer to determine the values that drive them - innovation, performance, or contemporary style. In the customization process, the brand will ensure the custom vehicle represents the driver’s spirit and vision for their personal Maserati.

Gallery: Maserati Fuoriserie customization program

To celebrate the launch of the program in North America, Maserati built three vehicles with Fuoriserie treatment, which, apropos, means custom-built in Italian. All three are from the range-topping Trofeo Collection with 580 horsepower under the hood. The Levante Trofeo rides on black gloss 22-inch wheels and is finished in Orange Zest Metallic paint. The Quattroporte Trofeo and Ghibli Trofeo both have 21-inch wheels and are finished in Verde Royale Metallic and Blue Maserati, respectively.

To make it easier for the customers to choose their preferred way of customization, the  Fuoriserie program features three collections with different core ideas. These are called Corse, Unica, and Futura, and offer different base color and material combinations as a starting point for the personalization process.

The Corse route is for those who are interested in Maserati’s history, while the Unica is for customers who are like the latest trends in fashion, art, and culture. Finally, the Futura collection, as its name implies, is for futurists who embrace innovation.

Maserati will offer the new customization program for all 2022 models in its lineup. Interested customers can contact the local dealer of the brand and see what options are available.

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