In case you have forgotten, the attached spy photo shows Land Rover is dead serious about coming out with a Range Rover Evoque Cabrio.

Spotted undergoing final testing in Dubai, the open-top Evoque will go on sale next year and aims to be an eye-grabber by adopting a soft top combined with a crossover body. Land Rover is describing it as the "world's first premium compact SUV convertible" and they have previously tested it 40 meters below the streets of London in a 42-km long network of Crossrail tunnels.

It's obviously based on the three-door variant from where it will largely carry over the body, but the fixed metal roof will be chopped off to make room for an electrically-retractable soft top while the rear end will gain a spoiler. The interior cabin will be sourced from the regular Evoque from where the cabriolet variant will borrow the engines, including the 150 PS & 180 PS TD4 diesels and the beefier 240 PS Si gasoline motor.

Look for an official reveal in March 2016 at the Geneva Motor Show, with sales to commence shortly thereafter in time for summer.

Special thanks go to our WCF reader from Dubai!

Gallery: WCF reader photographs Range Rover Evoque Cabrio in Dubai

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