Lego’s collection of brick-built cars continues to expand in 2022. Later this year, fresh Lego Speed Champions sets will go on sale, and builders young and old will be able to enjoy seven new cars available in five new sets.

The sets are:

Gallery: 2022 Lego Speed Champions Sets

Not all the kits are equal this year. The Aston and Mercedes ones include two cars and two drivers, along with other Lego goodies, like helmets, extra rims, and other plastic bits. However, while the Mercedes set includes more stuff, the Aston set is larger at 592 pieces. The Mercedes is 564 pieces. Plan your weekend accordingly. 

The other three sets aren’t as large, though you only get one car. The Lotus set clocks in at 247 pieces. It includes an extra set of rims and a wrench, in addition to the driver and the new Evija. The Ferrari kit, at 291 pieces, is the barest of the trio with just a car and helmeted white-suited driver. The 1970 Lamborghini Countach kit includes a driver and a wrench in its 262 pieces.

Price ranges from $19.99 for the single-model kits and jumps to $29.99 for the Mercedes one. You’ll need to spend $39.99 to get the Aston Martin kit. Lego lists the five seats as going on sale on March 1, 2022.

Lego has turned some of the most iconic new and vintage vehicles into fun toys for all ages. The five new sets should please a broad range of enthusiasts. We expect Lego to have more Speed Champions announcements throughout the year, and we’re excited to see which new makes and models join the series. What would you like to build?

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