Toyota continues its teaser campaign for the GR Corolla, and the latest image is a blurred photo of the vehicle's side. The automaker included the picture in a segment of an Instagram story that's no longer available online. Thankfully, a member of the GR Corolla Forum took a screenshot.

Unfortunately, the teaser picture doesn't let us see much of the GR Corolla. There's black window trim and a matching color for the antenna on the roof. Go to the forum to see the full image, and there's a tiny bit of what appears to be a rear diffuser visible.

Gallery: Toyota GR Corolla Teaser Screenshots

Toyota's other teasers actually offer a better look at the GR Corolla. It features a more aggressive front fascia with a larger opening than the standard Corolla Hatchback. There are also wider fenders that make room for broader tires.

Toyota isn't hiding info about the GR Corolla's powertrain. It uses the G16E-GTS 1.6-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine from the GR Yaris. For the US, the mill makes 268 horsepower (200 kilowatts). It runs through the GR Four all-wheel-drive system.

An earlier teaser indicates the GR Corolla would be available with a manual gearbox. A rumor from Japan indicates an automatic transmission might also be available.

It's not clear when the GR Corolla might debut. We're expecting an unveiling before the end of the year, and the premiere might even be in the coming months. This addition to the lineup in the US gives Toyota a proper hot hatch for the first time in years.

Toyota is taking an interesting approach for the GR Corolla's teaser campaign. The company is hiding images of it or briefly showing the model in Instagram posts for other models. The result is that you need to watch whatever the automaker publishes there in case there's GR Corolla info.

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