Driving is synonymous with a driver's license. I couldn't find any country that allows driving a motor vehicle on public roads without a license. However, a man from the UK has been doing so since he was 12 years old – until he was caught recently.

According to a social media post of the Bulwell Police Department, an 83-year-old man driving a Mini One was pulled over next to a grocery. The violation of the man, who was born in 1938, was undisclosed by the authorities. But whatever it was, we're sure it didn't hold a candle to the violation that this man has been doing even before becoming a teenager.


How the person had managed over 70 years of driving without getting apprehended is beyond us. The police said that he "had never had an accident, caused anyone an injury, and never made anyone lose out financially, by hitting them whilst uninsured!"

It's needless to say that it's illegal to drive without a driver's license. However, we have to note that this person has been driving since he was 12. Last we checked, the youngest age that you're allowed to operate a motor vehicle on public roads is 14 and that should come with supervision, at least.

This ordeal is mind-boggling for us, to be honest. Maybe the records didn't show any violations for this person and that's because there is no record to attach them to.

For those who think they can get away from the authorities by driving without a license, think again. In one way or another, the police will get to you – even if it takes seven decades.

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