Dogs are man's best friend, and we've witnessed on several occasions just how far will a person go in the name of their beloved pooch. Remember John Wick? But this story isn't about an elite group of assassins and muscle cars. It is, however, a story about a heartwarming connection between a family and a dog, Marley.

Derek and Alex Kirchner from Cobb County, Georgia have been in search of Marley since September 2021. The family has pulled all the stops to find their missing dog but to no avail. So much so that Derek is now offering his 2016 Chevy Corvette Z51 as a reward to whoever's going to find Marley, along with a $4,000 reward.

Georgia Family Offers Corvette To Find Missing Dog

"She's a huge part of our family and we have to get her back," Alex Kirchner told Fox News.

Marley is a Whippet mix and is now four years old. She was adopted a few years ago from the Cherokee County Humane Society. When Derek and his family went on a vacation in Hilton Head, South Carolina back in September, Marley ran off.

Since then, Derek has been looking for Marley in Hilton Head, trying to spread the news by biking around and giving away posters. He even has trail cams set up in the town, while psychics have also been consulted to help with the search.

"I wake up in the morning, go out and start my morning searches. I have posters on the bike, "Lost dog" and I ride around Hilton Head searching. Almost everyone in Hilton Head knows me as Marley's dad," Derek Kirchner told Fox News.

Meanwhile, Alex and their son are now back at home in Georgia where she manages a Facebook group dedicated to the search for Marley.

If you happen to have any information to help Derek and Alex Kirchner find their beloved Marley, don't hesitate to contact them via the appropriate channels. More than the Corvette and the cash reward, you'll be helping a family become whole again.

"If someone walked up to me right now and they had Marley and said I'll give you the dog if I can have the car… I would walk away happy with my dog," Derek said.

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