Alfa Romeo is set to reveal the all-new Tonale crossover on February 8, but it is still in development. New spy shots, possibly the last we’ll have of the long-anticipated model, show Alfa is still completing some cold-weather testing. The latest photos still show the crossover in camouflage, but the teaser campaign is in full swing, so we might see more with those.

When the new crossover debuts early next month, it’ll likely have a turbocharged 1.3-liter plug-in hybrid powertrain under the hood. It will allegedly produce 240 horsepower (179 kilowatts), but nothing is official until Alfa says so. Other rumors suggest smaller, less powerful engine offerings, like a 130-hp (97-kW) turbo four-cylinder are possible. There could even be a diesel and a mild-hybrid variant.

Gallery: New Alfa Romeo Tonale Spy Shots

The Alfa is still well hidden under its camouflage, but the tight-fitting wrap shows off a curvy design. We expect the Tonale to adapt the Stelvio’s styling to the smaller vehicle, though it should be much sharper and more refined on the new model.

A recent teaser showed off the front end and the lighting signature, along with a brief glimpse of the interior instrument cluster. The new spy shots also reveal a bit of the dash, including the digital instrument cluster and the infotainment screen, which doesn’t sit flush against the curvy dash.

We’ll get our best look at the new Tonale, inside and out, in just a few days. We should have seen the Grecale last year, but it suffered two delays, one of which was tied to the ongoing chip shortage plaguing the industry. The new Tonale will slot below the Stelvio in Alfa’s lineup and give the brand an essential entry into a lucrative and popular segment, especially for luxury marquees. The new Tonale goes on sale later this year before arriving in the US market sometime after that.

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