Bowlus already makes some of the most luxurious travel trailers on the market, but a company needs to be improving its offerings constantly. An expanded lineup of standard features makes the 2022 trailers even nicer.

Bowlus' new trailers will look a bit different. At their pointed rear, there will now be 15-inch tall, vertically oriented LED taillights. Each one contains 13 diodes, and the company touts that the new lamps are more visible to other drivers for improved safety.

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One of the welcome upgrades is that a directionally vented air conditioning system that directs purified air throughout the living space now comes in all of the company's trailers. The cabinetry in the kitchen gains hard-pull, soft-close drawers.

All of the Bowlus' products now support its Smart Brake Controller that allows for switching between vehicle-specific towing memory profiles via a Bluetooth-controlled mobile app. The company's 60 Second Hitch tech is also standard that makes hooking it up to a vehicle an easier process.

While the standard products from Bowlus are very impressive, the company offers its "One of One Program" and "Personalization Program" for folks looking for something unique. With the various seating, flooring, bedding, and other choices, there are over fifty-six million different available combinations.

To put the breadth of customization choices into perspective, Bowlus built a unique Terra Firma travel trailer specifically for people traveling with their pets. It included a pull-out drawer with food and water dishes, and there was even a personalized dog bed. Plus, both the pups and humans enjoyed amenities like UVC disinfectant lightning, a water filtration system, HEPA air filters, and heated floors.

Buying a trailer of this quality is pricey, though. The 2022 Bowlus Endless Highways Edition is $215,000. The Endless Highways Performance Edition starts at $240,000. The range-topping Terra Firma has a base cost of $265,000.

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