Right before Christmas, Charlene Rubush was just a fraction of a second away from winning a brand new Audi Q3 from “Wheel of Fortune.” She guessed the final puzzle, but she paused for too long in the end and was denied the big prize. Fortunately, Audi saw that injustice and was quick to react by saying it will give her the car she deserves but lost on a technicality.

On the next day, Audi announced on Twitter it will gift Rubush a brand new Audi Q3. “In the spirit of the holidays, we are thrilled to gift Charlene with an all-new Audi Q3,” Tara Rush, Audi of America Chief Marketing Officer, announced. “It is the season of giving after all and, technicality or not, we are always eager to share a bit of Audi magic and cheer!”

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Now, the woman has finally received her belated Christmas gift and the German automaker has taken it to Twitter again to promote the move. The manufacturer used help from the Audi community to track down the lady and give her a brand new crossover. Judging by the photos, she is very happy to have received a Q3 following her great performance during the game before the holidays.

In fact, Twitter users helped Audi a lot by using the #GiveHerTheQ3 hashtag on social media, which caught Audi’s attention and accelerated the process. The company then said “you’re a winner in our eyes” and got in touch with the woman. Initially, there was no timeline for when the Q3 will be delivered, but it’s now at the hands of Rubush. The woman also won $16,500 from the TV show before reaching the final puzzle.


We don't know the exact specification of the gift car but even the very base model costs $35,900 in the United States. Good job, Audi!

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