If you’re getting a bit tired of top-speed runs on the Autobahn, don't fret as YouTubers have found a new way to keep us entertained. With the help of an action camera and some clever editing, we get to enjoy a third-person view strikingly similar to a video game. You might have already seen a couple of videos already (if not, see the related links below), and now we've stumbled upon fresh footage just as captivating.

It’s not just any car, but one of the most exciting hot hatches in recent years. The controversially styled Honda Civic Type R (FK8) has received the Forza Horizon treatment. Naturally, the tripod mounted on the rear wing was been removed while editing the video as keeping it there would've made the footage a bit annoying to watch.

If you're thinking the car sounds better than stock, there's a good reason for that because the owner fitted an aftermarket exhaust from Milltek. In case you had any doubts about how much fun a Civic Type R is, this video should clear them out. It's especially a hoot to drive on a countryside road as is the case here, with not much traffic to ruin the experience.

We still can't get used to the car's overly complicated design, but there's no denying Honda has engineered one of the best front-wheel-drive performance cars out there. The next-generation model should debut in the coming months seeing as how it has already been teased a couple of times. It will eschew the look-at-me design of its predecessor and could pack a bit more punch over the existing 306 horsepower.

In Europe, the new Civic Type R is widely believed to go down in history as Honda's last-ever, gasoline-engine car.

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