Honda is doing a straight 180 on the next S2000, judging by the concept car revealed at the BIMS today. The Honda S2000, a dynamic marvel with that screaming 2.0-litre engine and excellent short-throw 6-speed gearbox, has been due for a new model for some time now, as rivals keep bettering their offerings. The concept uses Honda’s hybrid technology, although our feeling is this would not be the engine of choice when the street car debuts.

Featuring integrated rear lights, a flowing bodyline and a shape clearly related to the Civic hatch, the S2000 concept seems to have been shortened and its stance widened. There seems to be a lot of flow in the lines, giving the car cleaner, more seamless looks. Interior again, is a Civic relative of some note, peppered with blue background lighting, digital speed readout and utility buttons. And the concept is no longer a roadster; we see space for two baby hobbits at the back. No sign of where the roof goes though, and none of whether said roof is made of canvass or tin either.

Gallery: New Honda S2000 Concept Blows Cover at BIMS

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