It seems like there’s been an explosion in popularity surrounding motorhomes, overlanding rigs, camper vans, and others over the last few years. There are more choices than ever, and the selection is poised only to get better as two industry stalwarts have merged. Storyteller Overland announced yesterday that it had acquired Global Expedition Vehicles (GXV).

Mergers are worrying for a number of reasons, but this pairing should produce some interesting stuff. Storyteller Overland is famous for high-end, cool off-road Class B camper vans, while GXV is one of the world’s leading expedition vehicle manufacturers, specializing in bespoke adventure rigs.

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Both companies make high-end products, but they operate in slightly different spaces. GXV is a brand that believes in building true, dedicated long-range go-anywhere machines, while Storyteller builds killer off-road camper vans with few compromises. Off-the-grid living is key for both, too, giving customers utmost freedom.

“This merger will allow both companies to grow and expand in a collaborative production of the Adventure Truck Series together,” said Rene Van Pelt, co-founder and owner of GXV with her husband, Mike.

Storyteller Overland founder and CEO Jeffrey Hunter said the merger was “an exciting moment for the entire overlanding community.” He added that his company is “energized by the thought of what we will build together moving forward.”

The company will continue to deliver its lineup of Expedition Vehicles to customers, while the merger will allow GXV to expand its market for its Adventure Truck Series of products. Storyteller will now assemble higher-volume repeat-built Adventure Truck units in its Alabama facilities, which will help meet the increasing demand for such rigs. GXV says it will remain just as involved as it always has been with its products. It’ll be interesting to see what the two create in the coming years.

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